Rifftrax.com Website Review & Ratings + RiffTrax Coupons
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Rifftrax.com Website Review & Ratings + RiffTrax Coupons

RiffTrax: Products & Services

Legend3D is a media company that specializes in converting 2D video into 3D media.  The company converts media in all fields of visual entertainment including television, movies, advertisements, and concert videos.  Well known films the company has been a part of include The Smurffs, Conan the Barbarian, The Amazing Spiderman and Ghost Rider and Hugo. The company provided support for 3D commercials including Fanta, M&Ms, New Balance and HP.  They also did the 3D effects for Michael Jackson's last concert video. Besides their 3D work, the company has two other companies that provide media enhancements.  One company, Legendfilms, takes classic films and updates them to color and improves the sound and other qualities of the picture.  The other company, RiffTrak records tracks to popular movies that critique and review popular movies in a humorous fashion.  Many of the company's products can be viewed on Hulu and HuluPlus.

RiffTrax: Company Background

The company began in San Diego in 2001 as  Legend Films.  Their founder, Barry Sandrew, was able to patent a new method that made colorizing old films faster and produced a much better result.  The company has colorized over 135 films.  In 2006, the company added the RiffTrak audio tracks to their movie business.  And, in 2008, the company began to expand its process to produce quality 3D film from 2D film.  By 2010, this had become a major part of the company's production, so the company was renamed Legend 3D.  Today Legend3D has its headquarters in San Diego, a business office in Los Angeles and an office in Patna, India where most of the company's artists work.

RiffTrax: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Legend3D has very little comments online about their company.  Even Yelp.com has zero comments on their San Diego page.  There are some articles with general comments about the work the company has done.  This can be found on the company's website. An in depth look at the company's latest project from 3Dfocus can be found here.  Here is a sampling of these articles:

  • Hugo, with 11 Academy Award nominations, required 2D-to-3D conversion for a variety of vintage 2D material across three key sequences in the film.
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon was comprised of a hybrid of live-capture and converted 3D content whose quality was indistinguishable from each other.
  • Legend3D will continue to build upon another successful year, recently having been selected by Paramount to provide the company's creative artistry and proprietary 2D-to-3D conversion process to the highly-anticipated 3D theatrical release of Tony Scott's classic Top Gun.
  • Tony Scott, Tom Cruise and original producer Jerry Bruckheimer screened the film together several months ago. In fact, Jerry was so happy with Top Gun in 3D, that after the screening he Tweeted “Just watched Top Gun for the first time since it was released in 86. Saw it with Tom and Tony in 3D, it was awesome.
RiffTrax: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Legend3D is well known in the film industry. Major studios such as Disney, Sony Pictures, Universal Entertainment and Paramount have hired this company on a regular basis.  The Better Business Bureau (BBB) does not have a rating for this company.  There are no complaints listed on its company page under Legend Films which was opened in 2005.  The company was the winner of Connect's 2010 Most Innovative New Product Award for Innovation in Motion.  The company also won the Stevie Award at the 9th Annual American Business Awards in 2011, which is an attempt to give an awards for business similar to the Oscars for movies. The company also won an award in 2011 for the best 3D commercial of the year.

RiffTrax: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Legend3D's recent name change is reflected in a shortage of data for this company.  At Alexa, the company does not have a ranking in the United States, but does show about 90 sites that link in.  The company also is used primarily by males at work, reflecting the high percentage of males in this industry.  If you review Legend Films on Alexa, data is still limited.  At Compete, the site averages between 370 and 2,000 hits a day with peaks occurring in January and June.  Data is still limited on this company.  Google's Page Rank Tool ranks the company at 4/10.

RiffTrax: Social Media Presence

At the moment, Legend3D has very little presence in social media.  I suspect social media is not really a method for them to pick up contracts and video work.  There is no connection on Twitter, a page for 2005 on Facebook, and no items on YouTube from the company.  A few employees, such as the founder have a page on LinkedIn, but these are individual pages rather than one from the company.  There is very little about the company at Google Plus either.  I don't know the reason for this.  The company's press releases and media comments are contracted out to another company.  Maybe this is something that just generates no interest to the  persons running the company for whatever reason.  Or, it is possible this could grow in the future.    Results are similar for Legendfilms.  However RiffTraks has a page on Facebook with over 47,000 likes that seems active.  At Twitter, RiffTrax has a site with over 19,000 followers.  On YouTube, the company has channels with examples of the tracks provided by the company.  The site has over 19,000 subscribers.

RiffTrax: Website Security & Safety

The company's larger projects involve contracts between major studios that cannot be examined online by this reviewer.  The company needs to keep certain artist properties and rights under control during production, and there are no reports of the company failing to do so.  The company's Legendfilms and Rifftrak sites offer products for sale.  These products can be downloaded or shipped to clients.  The company accepts credit cards and Paypal in payment and keeps these items secure.  Google's Safe Browsing Tool shows no reports of problems by users of the company's website.  The company's page can be reached here.

RiffTrax: Pricing & Packages

Pricing for Legend3D's conversion from 2D to 3D for a movie is at a cost of millions of dollars.  While Legend3D boasts they have dropped the cost for these by 50% over the past five years, this is still costly process out of reach of many businesses even in the motion picture industry.  The cost of Legend3D's latest conversion of Top Gun,due out this year, is a guarded secret.  It was estimated that the cost of converting the Lion King to 3D was over 18 million dollars.  For the rest of us, RiffTrak sell for under $4.  At this point they are downloaded to customers who then must sinc them with their versions of the movies through their home theater and  televisions.  Legendfilms has a site at Hulu where customers can download versions of their favorite movies too view for under  $10.   Films that Lengendfilms has copyright to can be bought starting under $10 on their website.  Since the company offers a singular service, thier prices are reasonable. 

RiffTrax: Shipping Rates & Policies

There is not much shipping involved with this company.  Rifftraks does not ship at all; their product is downloaded to customers.   Legendfilms does sell CDs in cases that are mailed to customers.  These CDs are shipped media mail and are sent free of charge to the 48 continuous states.  Other locations are provided the cost of shipping at checkout.  The company will ship internationally to most countries using priority mail.  Legend3D hand delivers their final copies of 3D conversions.

RiffTrax: Payment Methods Accepted

Payment methods for 2D to 3D conversions at Legend3D are large enough that these transactions are handled by wire transactions between banks.  For the rest of us, the company accepts Paypal and four major credit cards.  These are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.  International purchases need to use one of these payment methods as far as I can tell, or perhaps buy the product through Hulu from the company.

RiffTrax: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

On its downloaded items, the company does not offer refunds.  Once you have the product it is yours.  They would grant a refund if you can provide there is a problem at there end, but this is tough to do.  Since the company does not want you to have a free product, they do not offer refunds.  For CDs that are received in the mail, if you want to return it, call customer service to arrange a return within 14 days of receipt.  Any questions should be referred to customer service at 858-793-4420.

Legend3D: Product images & screenshots
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